The real world… The spiritual world…
Is there a difference?

Your body and mind are moved by kindness, sadness, happiness.
Emotions you cannot see.
We all have a sub-consciousness with energy that cannot be seen.


· We make materials selected from all over the world by delicate technologies of Japanese craftsmen with skilled skills.

· For customers who wish to purchase jewelry (only for order-made products), read by your name by Healer Ritz and charge that jewelry with the necessary energy for that person.



has a gentle atmosphere in a sophisticated appearance
She attracted people with intelligence and aesthetic senses brought up fairly
Delicate imagination adds jewelry a character
Currently I moved the stage to Singapore, I am blessed with energetic environment and friends, with my husband and love have a fulfilling day

Place of birth / Tokyo
Constellation / Libra
Career / Studied abroad in Hawaii after a Japanese airline’s ground Hostess. After returning to Japan, she worked as a manicurist in Akasaka,Tokyo , and also used to treat nail services the big priests of various fields. Married in 2008. We launched our own brand and produced original bags. Calling the reputation, in just a few months it marks the window of a top-notch prestigious department store. My eldest son gives birth in 2011. Also learn jewelry design at GIA Japan jewelry


Place of birth / Tokyo
Constellation / Gemini
Career/Ritz studies Wako Gakuen in her childhood and studied Australia from 15 years old. After coming back to Japan,she started her music career and worked as a rapper in “THC!!”. She has explored world from youth and she has been creating energy art for her work life. She published ” Thank you for all ” as her first book in 2011. Currently she has working as a healer and conduct healing session as well as working as healer artist.

「Don’t worry be happy」

I will enjoy and share my love
Congratulations, life is a treasure
Thankyou, time is pleasure
All emotions go around universe and circulate
Falling many times is reincarnate
Welcome, where you choose to be is the best place for you